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Your journey starts with YOU

Finding the right university and course for you starts with understanding your passion, personal profile and requirements. We achieve this with a dedicated 1-2-1 mentoring session with you.​

The right course is YOUR right path.

The right course that matches your skillset and passion is crucial as it complements your existing CV/profile. From a plethora of courses out there, we shortlist the ones that match your profile, based on our 1-2-1 session.​

The right University is your vehicle forward.​

Even if the subject stays the same, it is the right university that defines the whole course of your journey.​ Based on various ranking metrics, we help you shortlist and enrol at top universities that allow you to propel towards your dream career.
And yes, the University matters – No matter what anyone says!​

Documentation is Boring – Not for Hubble Bubble​

Don't worry about your application process as we provide you with end-to-end support. Leave that part to us.

Look where you are standing now!​​

You've arrived at your dream destination. Now with our guidance, we are going to leave you to do what you do best. ​ Don’t forget! We are there when you need us.


Mentor Guidance​

Through individual 1-2-1 mentoring, we help you pick the right course based on your dreams and aspirations.​

Complete guidance on admission​

Breeze through the admissions process and build a solid personal Statement of Purpose (SOP).

Scholarship and Funding​

You do not need an A+ to get a scholarship. All you need is the drive to succeed! We can help you secure a scholarship.​

Visa and On Arrival Support

Feel yourself at home at your dream destination by finding yourself a cozy apartment for your budget.
Airport Pickup/Grocery shopping/ Banking/ SIM Card? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Part-time/Full-time Job

Build an attractive CV with guidance on finding a part-time job while you are studying, as well as finding a full-time job post studies thereby building a pathway to PR.

Student Stories

I’m still feeling ecstatic when I think about getting the job opportunity to be where I’m now. I’m so thankful to Jevin fro that and he helped me all the way to make this whole process smooth. I’m thrilled to be here in the UK.


Senior Carer

Your one call had motivated us to travel this far, this is not something I’m just saying, it is something from my heart. This means a lot. You are doing something amazing, maybe you are not knowing it, but you are helping a lot of people through this. I feel so so thankful!

Sona J


Thanks for being there for me my brother and for helping me choose the right course based on my profile and skills. Without your motivation, I might not have the courage to apply to the UK.

Fredy Thomas


Thank you Jevin for helping me achieve my dream. The entire process till the visa approval was seamless and was offered excellent consultation. Every time I had a doubt, I was able to connect with the team immediately. I would like to thank Freddy, who did an excellent job throughout the process and a special thanks to you Jevin for all the help you had done even though we had a different time zone. Whenever I had a doubt about anything, he would call me and explain to me in detail and motivated me to choose the right path. Moreover this team will make us feel like a family!

Krishna Prasad A


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About Us

Hubble Bubble​


We are an ethically minded student mentoring service, individually guiding students and matching them to the right course to study abroad.​ ​

Why Hubble Bubble?​

Our uncompromising ethos is the mentoring of students with their best interests at heart, guiding and helping them to realise their dream careers by placing them on the right path to their dream destination.

It is this unwavering and dedicated focus towards the interest of the students that sets us apart.

Our Team

Jevin Zac

The Visionary and the Chief Mentor

Jevin started this whole initiative off after seeing his friends and fellow Indian students being unfairly treated or as he simply puts it 'being ripped off' by agencies, who look more to profit than doing the right thing for the innocent students.

He drives the company forward in his vision which is to keep a student-passion-first approach above all else. He is highly ambitious and believes anything is possible with the right mindset and a little help along the way.

Read Jevin Zac's story here.

Fayzul Choudhury


Fayzul brings the organisational and management skills he has developed from the 17-year career he had with the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

He ensures the company has the latest systems in place and the workflow is streamlined to be efficient and compliant, but most importantly providing the students with a smoother experience.

He is known for his extreme patience, logical reasoning and ability to deal with any problem.

Fathima Sulthana

Mentor and Chief Communications Officer

Fathima comes with a distinguished background in English Language and Literature, and with a knack for content writing and digital marketing.

She loves to talk with people and naturally joins to become an esteemed Hubble Bubble Mentor. She understands the requirements of students and has the creative ability to make them shine for who they are. 

The striking thing you'll notice about her is her wide smile and welcoming attitude. 

Our Big Bang Theory

In the beginning, there was a big explosion. An explosion of innocent students sent to study abroad deceptively by their own people, feeding them unrealistic dreams and selling them a future without foundation.

Okay, let's get serious.

When our founder Jevin applied to study in the UK, there was only 1 other applicant from the agency he applied through, from his hometown in Kerala. There was very little help or guidance available at that time. Fast forward 5 years and just one agent from his hometown had managed to send over 100 students in a single intake to study in the UK.

Whilst it was encouraging to see so many students pursuing further education, what soon became apparent to Jevin was that most of those students were ending up in certain lower ranked and little-known universities. He also observed that they were not geographically spread across the breadth of the UK as he was expecting.

Horror stories soon started to emerge about students not being able to afford their university fees or unhappy with the course/university/location. Some students were placed in undesirable neighbourhoods and ended up in poor living conditions. Tragically, in some cases, students suffered from mental health issues which sadly also resulted in suicide.

The nightmare reality of the situation quickly dawned on Jevin - this was due to certain agencies and agents who were trying to profit from innocent students. They were placing the students on courses, universities and locations to suit their high commission rates, and not in the best interest of the student.

During his journey from study to work in the UK, Jevin posted few updates on his Instagram profile and during the time of this massive student migration to the UK, he started receiving messages asking for guidance on studying abroad and how he had managed to get a good job against all the complexities and difficulties surrounding the work visa in the UK.

As the number of enquiries grew, mainly from his hometown, he quickly realised there was a knowledge gap and very little genuine guidance available. So, he organised weekly webinars for students where he addressed their concerns and gave a full account of his successful study abroad journey, which concluded with his first dream job, and how they can achieve the same or better!

Following the success of the webinars, he started YouHaveJZ ( Initially to continue guiding students but then further developing to provide a dedicated end-to-end mentoring service for students looking to study abroad. He made it clear to the students that it wasn’t just about studying abroad, and it was first necessary to discover what their passion in life was, and he then provided guidance to achieve that dream. YouHaveJZ successfully placed the students on the path to their dream career via the world’s best universities abroad, while also providing an alternative career path to their dream job for students whom study abroad didn't seem to be their best choice.

This was his key difference. This was our Big Bang Moment!

YouHaveJZ went on to win the 'Scottish Venture Competition' for new and innovative startups. This competition was hosted by the University of Dundee, where previously Jevin had graduated with distinction in master’s in Business and Entrepreneurship. He was then invited to be a part of the ‘Elevator Group’ based in Scotland and the privileged members here received mentorship from the highest calibre across a range of Scottish government, industries and successful entrepreneurs.

Since YouHaveJZ was received overwhelmingly well by students, and without any promotion, he had to make a tough choice in his life. As Jevin was working full time in parallel, he was unfortunately unable to take on all the students who approached him. He now needed to commit and dedicate all his time to this initiative and a decision needed to be made about resigning from the job he loved the most.

Let's rewind a little here. After graduation Jevin became an intern at a company, where he progressed through as Project Manager which was based at Innospace, Manchester. This was at a co-working business incubation space for new and innovative start-ups and hosted by the Manchester Metropolitan University. Here he met Fayzul who had recently resigned from a 17-year career in banking to start up a new business. Fayzul also shared his frustration where there was more focus on profit than the customer within certain areas of banking. Fayzul instantly understood the potential and the gap in the study abroad market and shared the same philosophy to do the right thing in business. He agreed to join the venture with Jevin.  

Eventually, with the support and guidance from Fayzul, and also key mentors at Elevator and his close circle of successful mates, Jevin became confident enough to resign from his job and take this venture full-time and Hubble Bubble was born!

Jevin and Fayzul co-founded and officially registered Hubble Bubble as a new legal Scottish Company in the UK. While Jevin brings his vision of the industry and entrepreneurial flair to take it forward, Fayzul navigates the way forward and builds the foundations to sustain it.

Together, they are developing the brand Hubble Bubble, a team that will be recognised as the standard bearers in mentoring students and hardworking professionals, unearthing their potential to become stars of the future and ultimately help them to DISCOVER THIER DREAM!

Find Us

Hubble Bubble

CCCIET B-Hub 009A2
Mar Ivanios Vidyanagar
Nalanchira Trivandrum - 695015

Student Volunteers


Product Manager (Houston, USA)

Dual Masters (MBA and Masters in IT) with expertise in Healthcare and Medical Technology.


Transportation Planner, California USA (Masters in Urban Planning - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Student Volunteer at American Planning Association(2018-19)


MSc Sustainable Civil and Structural Engineering, UK (University of Liverpool)

Sits at the Interview Panel for Senior Professor Role at Liverpool University.


MSc Business and Management, UK (Aston University)

Running for Vice President at The Aston Students Union Elections


Hardware Design Engineer at Hitachi Energy, Sweden

5 Years of Engineering and Business Experience in Stockholm Sweden.


MSc Biotechnology, UK (University of Glasgow)

Student Representative Council Volunteer at University of Glasgow

Story of Jevin Zac

Hi, I am Jevin Zac, I worked as a Project Manager for around 3.5 years in a company based in the Manchester Science Park which specialises in carbon reduction services and technologies. I was the only known one from my course specialisation in my university who was able to acquire a Tier 2 Work visa during the time when there was no stay back (Graduate Visa). 

Reading the above might make you feel like I must have been a nerd. Let me give a brief about myself first. I was never a studious or responsible child as I was a total failure in high school and college. I failed the 12th CBSE Board exam and cleared it via the supplementary exam. I stepped out of engineering college with 35 arrears pending in Computer Science, which I cleared in 1 years' time. Post completion I had a 3-year gap, where I took some time off from everything and relaxed while also having enough fun.

At the end of 2018, I realised I should do my master’s abroad and chose the UK to do it. Every single person who was close to me persuaded me not to go to the UK since it was pretty known that getting a job would be impossible, the reason being, at that time, the UK did not offer any stay back and we had to leave the country after course completion, which made it even more difficult to find a job in the UK. I had one thing in my mind, “UK is my dream country, I have not gone to the UK and tried for myself whether I would be successful in getting a job or not, whatever others have said and done doesn’t represent me.” This was the only thing that kept me from being swayed away from the UK. To add fuel to the fire, I picked a course that was based on the internet and had an exceptionally low job scope. The reason I chose that course was simply because that was the course I loved to learn and know more about. In the end, I graduated MIB with distinction from the University of Dundee and secured a Tier 2 Visa with my current company working in a role that I love for a company that does what I love. 

During the time of my masters, I was employed at Fitbit, Motorola, and here comes the best of the lot – THE MANCHESTER UNITED Football Club! Yes, I was officially recruited by The Manchester United FC. 

What is different in me? The drive and determination to achieve my dreams. This is something anyone can have with the right mindset and a pinch of motivation. 

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